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      Natwest PPI Claims

      Over the last decade it’s been hard to avoid what has been the biggest banking scandal in UK history. We’ve all been privy to extensive media and news coverage; receiving texts and calls with a hefty helping of television advertisements thrown in to the mix, designed at helping potential victims of mis-sold PPI claim back what is rightfully owed to them.

      The Payment Protection Insurance scandal is the biggest and costliest to ever hit the UK financial sector and we’re here to study the different elements of PPI and how we can help those who have been mis-sold claim back their hard earned cash.

      PPI: The Low Down

      To fully understand the PPI story, it’s important to assess the background. Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) was an optional insurance policy that was attached to financial products, such as loans, mortgages, credit cards and car finance policies. The idea of the insurance is to cover the re-payments on these products if the policy holder was unable to do so.

      There are a number of reasons that would prevent people from being able to cover their monthly repayments, these include:

      Who Are Natwest?

      NatWest are a retail and commercial bank based in the UK. Since 2000 the bank has been part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, officially ranked as one of the largest banks in the world. We’ve compiled a quick rundown of the key historical points:

      NatWest clocked up 100,000 plus complaints in just six months; the equivalent of more than 800 a day
      How Did PPI Come to Prominence?

      The concerns about Payment Protection Insurance were first raised in 1998 by Which? magazine – amongst their chief concerns were the price of the product and how it had been widely mis-sold to people who perhaps weren’t even eligible to utilise the benefits of the product.

      Even though these concerns were brought forward, PPI was still widely mis-sold by financial outfits country wide, and NatWest were no different. It wasn’t until 2005 that the appropriate authorities such as the Financial Services Authority, got themselves into gear and compiled a report on PPI and the poor practices that were being used to peddle policies.

      In 2006, small companies then began to get stung with large fines for their role in the mis-selling of PPI. In 2007 the big companies who thought themselves untouchable were brought back to earth very quickly when they were slapped with fines reaching into the millions.

      Detailed research in 2008 exposed the fact that over 2 million people in the UK had been shelling out for policies that they had no chance to claim on. A further 1 million were thought to have been sold a policy after being told that that was the only way they could take out a line of credit. Which is of course false.

      Time Left PPI What's Next?

      It’s quite easy to procrastinate and put things off until tomorrow but more often than not, tomorrow never comes.

      So, if you believe that you have been mis-sold PPI, it’s important to act now before it’s too late.

      Free PPI Check
      How Has PPI Affected NatWest?

      In 2011, NatWest saw complaints rise by over 70% in only half a year and this was mostly due to the mis-selling of PPI.

      The bank, which is 81% owned by the state, clocked up nearly 150,000 complaints in just six months – this is the equivalent of more than 800 a day.

      This data affected NatWest’s standing, considering that its ‘Customer Charter’, which was advertised considerably, proclaimed them to be ‘Britain’s most helpful bank.’

      The group which owns NatWest has so far paid out nearly £2billion to customers who were mis-sold PPI policies. This figure consists of £300million just to settle administration costs with the rest being paid out to customers.

      So What’s the Problem?

      Recent data from the Financial Ombudsman Service revealed that banks all over the high street have been unfairly rejecting thousands of PPI complaints, which has forced customers to send their complaints to the FOS, who investigate cases of banks rejecting PPI complaints and decide whether the customer’s complaints are valid or not.

      NatWest have been complicit in this, and have had a massive 40% of claims upheld by the Ombudsman, this shows that the banks are dragging their feet on a lot of claims, attempting to buy time and it shows that even despite massive fines and reprimands, banks are still refusing to deal with customers fairly.

      This indicates there could still be thousands of complaints that have been unfairly rejected, and NatWest have set aside further provisions to deal with this eventuality.

      PPI Claims Deadline

      Mis-sold PPI Compensation claims MUST be made by June 2019 under proposals announced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It is important to understand that in some cases, you may have less time than this.

      Were You Mis-Sold by NatWest?

      NatWest were by no means the only company that mis-sold PPI policies and they were mis-sold in a variety of different ways, so any potential mis-sold customer must be aware of each of them. Once the banks and lenders discovered PPI was an excellent source of profit, they began instructing their salesmen to sell policies at all costs, with the promise of large commissions, despite being fully aware that in some cases they were peddling a product that was unsuitable for the customer’s circumstances.

      Opting In: In many cases, customers were ‘opted in’ to a PPI policy without knowing about it and the high monthly premiums were hidden away within the regular monthly repayments.

      The Aggressive Sell: Salesmen would often use aggressive techniques to sell policies. When a customer refused or stated that they didn’t need a policy. Salesmen would then run them through a list of potential problems that could occur if they didn’t have a policy.

      Many Customers Were Never Eligible: Some staff were told, at the request of the banks, that they had free reign to use whatever technique they wanted to sell policies. In a lot of cases this encouragement created a situation where millions of policies were sold to people who weren’t able to use the insurance they’d purchased.

      PPI Was an Option:

      Despite what was told to thousands of NatWest customers, PPI is and always was a choice. It wouldn’t affect your eligibility to take out the credit. Many customers only agreed to this because they were led to believe that it was non-optional.

      PPI Map Statistics
      UK mis-sold PPI scandal statistics £10 Billion

      In payouts alone in the UK.

      By 2008, 20 million PPI policies existed in the UK that’s nearly 1 in 3 of the 2008 UK population

      Natwest PPI Percentages
      What Happened When PPI Became Public Knowledge?

      During the late 90s and early to mid-2000s PPI was running rampant and was earning NatWest and the other banks millions upon millions. Once the authorities began to start properly policing PPI, they strong armed the banks into paying back what they unlawfully took from customers.

      NatWest then contacted the customers they believed were mis-sold PPI and informed them that they may have been mis-sold and could be due a refund.

      People were then able to contact NatWest and provide them with the details of their circumstances and explain why they were due a refund – this included all relevant paperwork that could support the evidence the customer provided.
      NatWest provided their customers with all the necessary PPI forms to fill out to ensure that making a claim was simple for the mis-sold customer. This way the bank had all the relevant information needed to assess if the customer was eligible to make a claim rather than having to go back and forth.

      Do You Need to Make a Claim?

      In order to claim what is rightfully yours, you must be prepared to handover as much evidence as physically possible about the policy in question. According to NatWest the following information will be required to process any claim quickly and efficiently:

      After you send over the claim and in the eventuality you receive correspondence rejecting the claim, don’t give up. If you feel strongly that you were mis-sold and have evidence to prove it, then you have every right to contact the FOS and fight the decision.

      But let’s be honest: depending on when the policy was taken out, you may not have all the paper work available, but don’t fret, there’s another option available to you.

      It’s Easy to Start a Claim with us at PPI Refund

      Recent figures show that just over 50% of claims that are made without the help of a company like ourselves are rejected, either because the claimant hasn’t got the access to the required information or because they haven’t got the experience of dealing with these kinds of processes.

      PPI Refund has been helping customers retrieve what has been rightfully owed to them for a long time now and during this period we’ve been able to achieve a reputation of helpful, knowledgeable service.

      PPI cases are rarely ever the same, and some, particularly the older policies, can be very difficult to achieve results on. However, it’s these difficult cases that have helped us build our reputation, because we’re able to draw from our experience for other similar cases and achieve excellent results for our customers.

      Because of our standing in the industry we have brokered a deal with the major banks and lenders, which means that we’re not required to submit anything more than a name and an address at the time the policy was taken out. Once the banks have this information they’re able to assess all of their databases and determine if any PPI was added onto any finance you may have taken out.

      This kind of agreement is a relatively new one and is only available to select companies such as PPI Refund.

      Why is it Important to Get a Move On?

      The Financial Conduct Authority has put forward its intentions to introduce a PPI ‘claim by’ deadline for 2019.

      The financial regulator wants the ruling to be confirmed by the middle of 2017 along with a public awareness campaign.

      The big five banks have paid out £24bn in compensation so far and have set aside a further £32.6bn to deal with the estimated claims that will come forward during that time. So it’s essential that if you feel you were mis-sold PPI at any time then you begin a free check with us today before it’s too late!

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