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      HSBC PPI Claims

      Over the past decade it has been difficult to dodge the news about the PPI scandal. We’ve seen extensive media coverage about the financial outrage and have been targeted by a range of advertisements and marketing methods in order to help people become aware of what PPI is and how to claim if you believe that you were mis-sold.

      It has turned into what we call today the biggest financial scandal to ever hit the UK banking sector and the following information will assess each of the aspects that could lead to someone being mis-sold PPI and how they could claim and receive the money that rightfully belongs to them.

      What is PPI and How Does It Work?

      In order to fully understand the concept of PPI, it’s important to start with the fundamentals. Payment protection insurance- better known as PPI was an optional policy that covered repayments on finance such as loans, mortgages, credit cards and store cards. If the policy holder was unable to meet the required repayments, then they could opt for a PPI policy- which would help them with the pay back process.

      There are numerous circumstances that could apply to someone who may need to utilise their PPI cover, these include:

      The FCA has said that it wants to see better practices. Many major providers, including Lloyds, Barclaycard and Santander have been fined for “not treating customers fairly”. If your bank has - you are likely to have a case.
      Who are HSBC?

      HSBC and many other financial institutes have mis-sold PPI on a large scale which has resulted in customers paying money for products that they didn’t need or want through a PPI policy. The history of HSBC dates all the way back to 1865 where the bank opened its door to business in Hong Kong. To date they serve around 46 million customers in 71 different countries.

      By 1900, after strong growth under Chief Manager Thomas Jackson, the bank had expanded into 16 countries and was financing trade across the world. HSBC widened its scope of its activities in Asia and issued loans to national governments in order to finance modernisation and infrastructure projects.

      In 1950, the bank took a key role in the reconstruction of the Hong Kong economy and during the 70’s the bank extending its range of services. During the 90’s and early 00’s HSBC adopted a fused brand by using the HSBC symbol and hexagon everywhere the bank operated.

      PPI HSBC Chart

      Source: FT Graphic

      HSBC have made millions of pounds from selling PPI, but past and present borrowers could now be entitled to claim their money back plus interest
      How Did PPI Come About?

      The issues that developed around PPI were first brought to light in the late nineties by Which? magazine when they questioned the product’s value; both in price and effectiveness towards its customers.

      Despite a number of complaints about the policy, PPI was still being sold by financial institutes across the country. It wasn’t until 2005 that the Financial Standards Authority (FSA) released a report on PPI and the poor practices that were being used in order to sell the policies.

      Smaller companies were under scrutiny a year later and found themselves facing large fines which were passed down by the Financial Services Authority for their role in mis-selling the policies. It wasn’t until 2007 that companies were getting slapped down with fines. Big banks and companies that thought they were untouchable were beginning to find that mis-selling was fast becoming public knowledge and very big fines followed.

      HSBC have made millions from selling PPI, through HSBC Loans, but past and present borrowers could now be entitled to claim their money back with interest by making HSBC PPI claims. The bank has admitted that they could have to pay back 6.7 billion pounds to borrowers who were mis-sold HSBC PPI.

      You will not receive the money you paid out for HSBC PPI just because you make a claim, it will need to be proven. This is why you must look for official forms and not just find one from the internet. People are often surprised when their claims are rejected and it’s because of the shoddy claims process.

      Many people fail to realise that companies keep copies of the paperwork or recorded information such as telephone calls. This is evidence that can come in handy when people are claiming. It can go one of two ways:

      Research in 2008 showed that over 2 million people in the UK had been paying for policies that they had little to no chance of being able to claim on. More than 1 million people were believed to have been sold an insurance policy after being told that that was the only way that they could be approved for credit and this was not the case.

      The five big banks that have been highlighted throughout the PPI saga have spent billions of pounds to compensate those who were mis-sold the payment protection insurance.

      How Has PPI Affected HSBC?

      HSBC- being one of the leading UK banks have been front-runners in the PPI scandal- being named and shamed as one of the top five banks in the PPI scandal.

      PPI Claims Deadline

      Mis-sold PPI Compensation claims MUST be made by June 2019 under proposals announced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It is important to understand that in some cases, you may have less time than this

      How Was PPI Sold?

      In a lot of cases, PPI was added onto a policy without the customer’s knowledge and was being hidden away within the monthly repayments. Sales Advisors would often use dishonest sales tactics when it came to attaching policies. This was used as a scare tactic to encourage customers to buy a policy. It is always beneficial to know what defines mis-selling before beginning a claim.

      In other cases, some sales staff, at the request of the banks, were told to use whatever techniques they could in order to sell PPI to consumers. The policies sold in alot of cases wouldn’t cover the individual and leave people unable to claim on a policy should something effect their ability to earn money.

      Another way of mis-selling happened when salesmen failed to clarify to the customer that a PPI policy was optional and they were free to opt-out or even purchase the insurance elsewhere if they wanted to.


      PPI Map Statistics
      UK mis-sold PPI scandal statistics £10 Billion

      In payouts alone in the UK.

      By 2008, 20 million PPI policies existed in the UK that’s nearly 1 in 3 of the 2008 UK population

      HSBC PPI Percentages
      So What Does This Mean?

      In 2015 the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) allowed customers who had their initial complaints rejected the right to appeal to the Financial Ombudsman Service. This means that thousands of people who initially had their claims rejected were allowed to have a second chance in claiming back mis-sold PPI. This meant that HSBC would pay back thousands of PPI claims that have been wrongly rejected.

      Until very recently, PPI was sold at the time you took out a loan, credit card, mortgage or financial deal. Policies were often sold to people when they weren’t eligible for cover. If you remember any such conversation, there’s a chance you were mis-sold PPI and can claim.

      Presently there is no definite figure for compensation as it depends on how many people come forward with a complaint. The banks were told two years ago to re-examine complaints they had already rejected. The new rules suggest that they will also have to contact all past PPI customers – even those who have never complained.

      Do I have a Claim?

      In order to have a valid PPI claim and get a hold of what is rightfully yours, you will need to provide HSBC with as much information about your PPI claim as possible. According to HSBC and most banks, the information that is required of you is as follows:

      If you have attempted to claim back PPI and you were rejected, then don’t give up. You can contact the FOS (Financial Ombudsman Service). They will independently assess your claim and decide if your case is worth pursuing or not.

      Bank officials are keen to draw a line under the PPI affair, which has escalated over the last five years into the costliest in UK banking history, and are trying to estimate how many consumers will submit claims once a huge publicity campaign gets under way.

      Time Left PPI What's Next?

      It’s quite easy to procrastinate and put things off until tomorrow but more often than not, tomorrow never comes.

      So, if you believe that you have been mis-sold PPI, it’s important to act now before it’s too late.

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